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APPS/Google Play Store - All Models

To add Apps/Games/Music to your tablet you must use the Google Play store (below is a picture of the what the Google Play Icon on your tablet will look like), select this on your tablet to set up an account with Google Play and follow the directions of the Google Play Store.  Some Apps are no cost and other Apps you have to pay for, each App will have instructions follow those rules.

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ICON's What they are - All Models

Icons are how you choose to do something on the Tablet, below are a list of common icon's you should be familiar with to get around on the tablet

Camera Icon

Google Play Store Icon

Syncing tablet with your Desktop Computer - All Models

You will need to take the usb cable provided with the tablet and plug it into the tablet and your desktop.  If it does not automatically sync you may need to change a setting on your tablet, go to settings and scroll down to Developer options select this and make sure these are turned off.  In the top right hand corner you will see a button touch this and it will turn blue and say on or turn grey and turn off, make sure it is grey and says off. Then try again and you should be able to sync with you computer.  

There are 3 more steps to syn the tablet

1.  In the upper left hand corner swipe your finger down and there will be 2 options: one for USB Storage and one for USB connections, you may not be able to see where to swipe just swipe down in that area and it will come down.

2.  Choose the second option first and a screen with an Android Robot will appear, in the lower right hand corner choose to turn on USB storage

3.  Go back and swipe down in the same upper left hand corner choose connection type with media storage, camera, or USB large storage.

Now you can transfer your files from the computer to the tablet.

Web Icon

Settings Icon

wifi set up - All Models

Press and select the "settings icon" to open the settings options, select the "Wi-Fi" options and contents will be displayed in the right pane.  The "on/off" switch allows you to quickly toggle Wi-Fi on and off.  In the "Wi-Fi" content panel you can view the available networks.  Choose your "Wi-Fi" and you may need to fill in a password, this password is something that is set on the your router and not a password supplied by the tablet or Android.

Reset Tablet - All Models

If you forget your unlock password, tablet locks up, tablet is stuck, etc... and you need to fix the tablet you can reset the tablet.  Completely shut down the tablet, then turn on the tablet and hold down the power button and the volume up button and volume down button all at the same time (this is 3 buttons held at 1 time) this may take 1-2 minutes before you see anything happen.  The tablet will start to reset or go black and a screen with a robot on it will come on. Use the volume buttons to go up or down to select what you want to do and press the power button to select.  

1. You can choose to reset the tablet, no data is lost and the tablet will reboot.

2. If the reset does not work repeat the steps and choose wipe data factory reset.  This will erase all data and clean the tablet to the same condition you bought it in.  When you choose the factory reset option.

1.Turn off the device

2.Hold down the power button and the volume up button simultaneously.

*Please allow up to 30 seconds for the process to initialize

3.Wait for the Android logo

4.Release buttons

5.Wait for the following 2 screens- green android screen and the recovery mode screen

*Recovery mode screen will have red wordage at the top

6.Scroll down to the option to “Wipe data/factory reset – scroll by using the volume up or down buttons

7.Select the option by pressing the power button.

8.On the next screen scroll down to the yes option- again using the volume up or down buttons

9.Select the option by pressing the power button

10.Wait for process to complete

11.Select reboot now